Learning Objective

Most moving image texts are produced within editorial and institutional constraints: time, budget, context, purpose etc.
Content and form will vary according to audience and purpose.
Addressing a different audience can add ethical or legal factors which will affect what can and
cannot be said or shown.
A critical challenge to an existing text must have good evidence to back it up which can come from both within the text itself and from other sources.
Alternatives are possible.

Key Questions

• Why have you chosen this age-group/audience?
• What in the existing text will not appeal to or be understood by its new audience?
• What aspects of the text can you use to sell it to its new audience?
• What methods would be most appropriate to reach that audience?
• From what point of view are you arguing against the text or for a different version?
• What evidence are you using to back up your argument?
• Who is the audience for the new version?