Learning Objective

Pupils should learn that:
Title sequences identify the text and ‘sell’ it to audiences; they may be very explicit about the text’s genre, content, audience and purpose or they may disguise this to provoke curiosity.
Information about who made a text, who financed it, and who owns it, can alert you to the interests it represents – and those it may not represent, or may misrepresent.
Many roles may contribute to the production of a moving image text and can affect its content, style and meaning.
A moving image text is likely to be produced by one company and distributed by another.

Key Questions

• Is this a cinema film or a TV programme?
• Is it fact or fiction?
• Who is it for?
• What is it about?
• Who made it?
• Who owns it?
• Why might it have been made?
• What roles were involved in making it?