Success Criteria for Media Education in Schools

This page will provide an overview of experts’ opinions of which criteria will lead to a successful media literacy education in schools. We will point out some basic framework conditions that have to exist in order to be able to carry out good media literacy education.

• Curricula and curriculum guidelines must be established by the relevant authorities. Legislation must also include allocation of funds for development, dissemination and training.

• Faculties of education must introduce training on media literacy education, hire staff capable of training future teachers in this area and offer courses in media education. There should also be academic support from tertiary institutions in the writing of curricula and in sustained consultation.

• In-service educational opportunities at the school level for further training of educators in the area of media literacy education must be offered.

• Suitable textbooks, other teaching material and resources, and lesson plans that are relevant to the country/area must be available.

• There must be appropriate evaluation instruments which are suitable for the unique quality of media education.

• The state can encourage media literacy education in schools through grants for programs, various projects and resources.

Success depends on

Teacher training
In-service training
Teaching resources
Financial support